Today we went to LEGO Land Singapore, we took the bus over there and took a bus back. They had big LEGO creations that you can see and some rides yo u can go on, the first ride we went on was a LEGO Technic ride that had a big drop at the start after going up a steep hill, ride around in these cars designs to look like LEGO cars that are attached to the track. We also went on LEGO Ninjago 4D ride that was decent was not best because there wasn’t much to it. Later on we found a ride that got you all wet, first you would go around in a boat on water then you will go up to the top of the ramp then fall down the ramp will seemed like 7 metres to me but probably wasn’t, in the end there would be a massive splash that would get all your clothes wet, we decided to go on that twice as we were already wet. After some food we went of to “Land Of Adventure” and went up in a it lift type thing with seats, the time to the top took around 50 seconds and you could view the whole of LEGO Land and other places near by. Before our bus came to get home we walked over to the LEGO shoppe to see what was there, they had things like a real cup that they use in the LEGO sets and hundreds and hundreds of LEGO sets from Stars wars to Minecraft to LEGO City and so on. Then that was the end of our day and headed home.